Wyall Style is an artist run independent record label, built from a house on Wyall St, Brunswick West, Melbourne, Australia.


An imprint of the established independent funk/soul label HopeStreet Recordings, Wyall Style aims to bring you music with just as much heart and groove, but through a different set of glasses. Sometimes warped. Sometimes crystal clear, we put out rough and delectable pop, electronic backyard BBQ beats, and everything in between from our DIY paradise in Brunswick West, where if you listen hard enough the dish clanks may have leaked their way into the drum take.


Made up from the brainchild of the artists behind Frida, many of whom also key members of cinematic soul institution The Cactus Channel, Wyall Style is supported by a larger community of artists such as JNBO, Brenda, Eilish Gilligan, Tetrahedra, and Plastic, as well as film production team Point Cool Productions.


Driven by the desire to fund a second Space Echo, Wyall Style exists as a community of friends that want to put out music, dance and art that moves you in a bunch of directions, but where you can smell dinner in the kitchen from whatever room you’re in…


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