Australian Indie Gems according to us

Aussies are absolutely killing it in the music scene right now. At this moment on the other side of the world in Austin, TX, a great selection of top dog Australians are playing their hearts out in front of (hopefully) astonished Americans at the SXSW showcase. Each year the Australian intake grows and grows due to this influx in genuinely amazing music. Artists are creating their own communities and scenes and filling them with completely original music, and that is something to be excited about. Perth, you’re killing it. Melbourne, killing it. Brisbane & Sydney, killing it!

In celebration of all this amazing original music, we’ve made a little playlist of some of the things that have grabbed our attention. Some is new, some is old. We’ll also keep adding to this list, so plz click the follow button!


Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 4.49.49 PM

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