Aptly titled, Frida’s new single Limbo is the musical floating point between any number of different states – is it pop or soul? Dark or hopeful? 1976 or 2016?

Late in 2015, Frida descended into their home studio in an evasive Brunswick side street (Wyall Style) to write and produce their newest and most mature work yet. Restive and rhythmic, Limbo is a result of these sessions.

Limbo dives head first into the agony of waiting; the lyric describes teetering on the edge of a decision and everything that resides in the space between choices. Limbo rises from, and descends back into, a melting pot of texture; driving guitar lines, symphonic synths and Eilish Gilligan’s honey-sweet vocals combine to create a simmering concoction of influence and experience. Think Leon Bridges versus Florence and the Machine at the crossroads between this universe and the next.

Recorded, and produced by the band themselves, Limbo is a deeply thoughtful release that reflects serious potential within Frida. The group have just come off the back of a hugely successful 2015, with the launch of their imprint record label Wyall Style in collaboration with HopeStreet Recordings, and their single Slowly garnering play and praise from both Triple J and Double J alike.

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