Jnbo’s latest mixtape ‘Sank At Bed’ is a 10 choon bowl of late nights snacks, the ones that you don’t pick when you got time to cook, the ones that keep the house dirty and save your arse when you think you’ve run out of fuel. Jnbo trawled through all the unfinished beats he’d made over the last little while, picked out a few and finished them off with a sweet and sour sauce perfect for the backyard BBQ.

With a sound and style trapped somewhere between a battered laptop, a barely functioning 8 track tape machine and Mr. Truong’s Vietnamese rolls, Jnbo’s latest mixtape takes you to sonic spaces thought not to thrive in such clammy confines. You can bounce, chill, whatever you’re feeling but it’s best enjoyed late at night, speakers just loud enough to wake up housemates, they might thank you L8r.

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