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There is something to be said for the things in life that happen slowly. It’s why we have slow cookers, why we can take videos in slow motion on our phones; we crave the indulgence of spending time, of allowing ourselves to consume, and be consumed by, something that demands to be felt in different ways, over and over.

Allow yourself, then, to understand the name of Frida’s new release as an instruction on how it is to be experienced. Lower yourself into Slowly, and B side, I Want It All, as you would lower yourself into a steamy bath. The guitar jangles on like bathroom lights through the mist, phantom voices echo over each other, and indeterminate time passes as you blissfully sink deeper and deeper down into this dewy, delectable pop.

Because yeah, it is pop music, even if it tastes a little funky. Turn it over in your mouth a couple more times, chew slowly and savour.

Since forming in 2013, Frida, as a live band, have cut their teeth on festival slots in Singapore, hotel rooms in India, and a regular diet of gigs up and down Brunswick Street. Only in a live context is the music to be consumed suddenly; as indulgent as it is, there is no better way to absorb the dense, intense six-piece sound than all at once.

The Slowly/I Want It All single is a thrilling tease – a little something to signify a new chapter, and to hint at what is to come. Recorded by members Lewis Coleman and Henry Jenkins, at DIY paradise and Frida home base Wyall Style studios, this release reflects a mature, considered brand of absurd pop music. You’re gonna love it.

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