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Eilish Gilligan’s debut release, The Dogs, is a synth-driven deep-sea dive into pop music. The deeper you get, the darker it gets, and all the more otherworldly, too – come on in, the water’s fine.

The Dogs is considered, clever, and contrite – loyal to the beloved conventions of pop, yet still pushing and pulling in all the right directions. A strong marriage of diverse influences including Bat For Lashes, Lana Del Rey and Kate Bush, and an appreciation of a clean, warm production ethic all informs Eilish Gilligan’s unique brand of intelligent and innovative songwriting.

The voice is soothing, expressive; the lyrics devastating, articulate, and deeply personal. The Dogs is about trying to understand how sadness works,” says Eilish. “It’s also about realising that sadness often doesn’t need a reason or a cause – it just is what it is, and that can be hard to accept.”

The Dogs is a stunning debut from this seasoned young songwriter. Whatever your sadness is, let it be the antidote.

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